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Tailoring support packages to empower Parents when their Baby's have Sleep, Behavioural or Food related issues. 

The vision of Pride & Joy is to provide informative, trusted and factual advice and education, empowering parents to ensure that their children and family life is capable of surviving the ups and downs that happen to us all with young children.

To deliver this, we use a structured but very much flexible approach using our REALLY format with families, which encompasses the children’s needs as well as not forgetting the Parents.


Supporting families in the ups & downs with their Pride & Joy, tailoring a variety of flexible methods for all topics interrupting contented family life

I listen to clients & strip things back to basics, empowering families to understand the signals of their children, always creating a contented environment for the full family to thrive

Contented family life can REALLY be easy when working with Pride & Joy


I use family friendly methods to meet each individual child and parents needs in different areas such as sleeping and eating habits making every day life easier for everyone

Our one stop sleep shop for parents looking for a swaddle transition solution


No day or week is the same for me or any parents, I love to share with Pride & Joy's community my thoughts