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Tailoring support packages to empower Parents when their Baby's have Sleep, Behavioural or Food related issues. 

The vision of Pride & Joy is to provide informative, trusted and factual advice and education, empowering parents to ensure that their children and family life is capable of surviving the ups and downs that happen to us all with young children.

To deliver this, we use a structured but very much flexible approach using our REALLY format with families, which encompasses the children’s needs as well as not forgetting the Parents.



REALLY is my exciting platform for new and expecting parents.  The classes will have around a dozen parents attending each session for the afternoon.

REALLY is built up of 6 principles which parents can use as the building blocks to achieve contented babies as well as growing children.  Each family I work with ends up with a tailored approach to work with, as REALLY is an adaptable set of core values.  It is 100% about working together to jointly create the solution which creates confident parents. 

REALLY doesn't have fancy methods or practices it's about having a greater understanding of the basic needs of children and working with an individual child and family. These are basics that I feel all children need from birth to five years old to help them grow and to develop in a way that allows them all to have a good solid foundation, ready to learn in an educational environment.

I'm working on the REALLY classes format currently and I hope to launch these as we move through 2016, if you would like to register an interest please get in touch or keep an eye on my blog.