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Tailoring support packages to empower Parents when their Baby's have Sleep, Behavioural or Food related issues. 

The vision of Pride & Joy is to provide informative, trusted and factual advice and education, empowering parents to ensure that their children and family life is capable of surviving the ups and downs that happen to us all with young children.

To deliver this, we use a structured but very much flexible approach using our REALLY format with families, which encompasses the children’s needs as well as not forgetting the Parents.


Welcome to our Shop, we didn't set out to sell products, however things have taken an exciting twist!  We have found Zipadeezip Swaddle Bags, they have yet to reach the UK mainstream and I truly believe this is the ultimate sleep accessory!

Zipadeezip offer a unique starfish design that gives a slight resistance in the arms, which allows baby to move freely whilst still giving the feeling of being cosy and providing that safe enclosed sensation which babies enjoy so much when being swaddled and in the womb. This product has been made by the Parker family, when their own baby struggled with the transition from swaddle to sleep bag. 

 If you have any questions please get in touch and also you can read more about Zippadee Zip product background, materials and washing instructions here with further hints and tips on sizes here,  Currently we ONLY SHIP INSIDE THE UK at this time.