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Tailoring support packages to empower Parents when their Baby's have Sleep, Behavioural or Food related issues. 

The vision of Pride & Joy is to provide informative, trusted and factual advice and education, empowering parents to ensure that their children and family life is capable of surviving the ups and downs that happen to us all with young children.

To deliver this, we use a structured but very much flexible approach using our REALLY format with families, which encompasses the children’s needs as well as not forgetting the Parents.

Support Packages

We have a package for all topics, budgets, locations & time needs

My support packages all vary in many ways but have a core value of "Working to empower families", not providing prescriptive rigid routines, with flexible, firm, fair and fun methods for parents.

Key topics cover sleep, eating, behavioural and general daily topics

I work with children from new borns through to aged 6, I also have experience of working with twins.  My main client base are in Derbyshire, Yorkshire & Staffordshire but I also travel outside these areas, from Central London to Glasgow so far.

See below details of the main combination in which I support families each week, these are flexible to support individual family needs.  I encourage  you to get in touch with me to discuss a personalised support package.

Please see the Testimonials section which provides feedback from my Pride & Joy clients.

Standard with all of my support packages are;

  • An initial call together to discuss how Pride & Joy can support you

  • Followed by you completing a questionnaire before my support starts covering your routine

  • Delivery of support which we have agreed on together

  • 2 weeks of unlimited ‘Remote Support' post package via phone, text, email

  • Tailored Follow up Report for your reference


Home Visit

  • Full day of hands on support in your home

  • One to one support where both you and your child feel most comfortable,

  • Provides a clear understanding of how you and your family works so I can personalise the support and routine to your family to overcome sleep, behavioural or eating issues

  • I will talk and show you some techniques and top tips to make family life easier.

Price - £200


Invest package

  • Similar to the Home visit but provides 24 hour support ensuring goals will be achieved quicker with the increased hands on help from me to guide and support parents through behaviour, sleep or eating issues.

  • For the quickest results this package is used, as I completely invest all my experience and tailor make the support to your family and offer a helping hand to answer question there and then, I truly see the full family ways of working to get to the bottom of any problem.

  • Empowering you and enabling you to move on from the old to the new


Price - 24 hours - £270 / 48 hours - £500


Remote Support Package

  • Extensive first call together 

  • This is followed by support over the phone, text and email

  • Gives you two weeks support at a touch of a button to suit how you like to work

  • Things start to move forward from our first call together

Price - £95


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Maternity Nurse Support

  • 24 hour care from myself for mother and baby.

  • Getting up with baby to give mum and dad sleep

  • To teach and empower parents the needs of the babies

  • Minimum of 1 week contract required


Price - £180/day or £220/day for twins