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Tailoring support packages to empower Parents when their Baby's have Sleep, Behavioural or Food related issues. 

The vision of Pride & Joy is to provide informative, trusted and factual advice and education, empowering parents to ensure that their children and family life is capable of surviving the ups and downs that happen to us all with young children.

To deliver this, we use a structured but very much flexible approach using our REALLY format with families, which encompasses the children’s needs as well as not forgetting the Parents.


Ms Whitfield | Staffordshire

Girl | 12 months old


Remote Package

I don't even know where to start with how much Gemm has helped us with our daughter since she has been born.  There have been two times I’ve used the Remote Package now where our daughter (who has always been a fantastic sleeper) has just decided that she no longer needs to go to sleep at night.

After always trying for a few nights to settle things back down myself, I have always then turned to Gemm – on the phone & text mainly - who I know has the most fantastic experience and knowledge

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Long Family | Yorkshire

Girl | 8 months old


Home Visit Package

Gemma was recommended to me by a friend. After many months of no sleep with the added complication of our 8 month old still not taking solids.  We had tried everything.  Gemma really makes you feel at ease and very understanding about any problems you are facing.  Results happened quickly and the support and guidance we got meant I felt confident in moving forward.

After two weeks our little girl was sleeping through with a dream feed then two weeks after that once her food intake increased we dropped her dream feed and she was sleeping from 7pm-630/7am.  Asking Gemma for help has been the best thing I have ever done and the greatest thing is our little girl is much happier as a result.

Miss Spencer | Sheffield

Girl | New Born

Routine & Breast Feeding

Remote Package

I decided to contact P&J when I had my first baby back in March 2014.  I was struggling getting our baby into a routine, suffering from sleepless nights and struggling with breast feeding problems.

Gemma instantly made me feel at ease on our first phone call and I bonded with her caring, positive personality.  After spending a long time discussing my issues and a visit, Gemma gave me excellent advice followed by an email with a new routine.

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Mrs Hart | Yorkshire

Boy | 2 years old

Sleep Issues

Home Visit Package

Gemma lifted the black cloud of sleepless nights within 4 days of speaking to her.  She gave me the confidence and a really simple framework to suit our family – resulting in the end of  the night feed, developing a routine for day time sleep and most importantly a much more content little boy + mummy + daddy + sister!

From the very first moment I made contact with Gemma I felt truly supported, empowered and confident that we could tackle our sleep problems – she listens deeply, understands what’s unique about you and with empathy gives really practical advice.

Buss Family | Suffolk

Boys | 2 year old & baby

Sleep & Eating

Invest Package

Gemm has been helping me enormously since the birth of our 2nd son and has been a wonderful support to my family, we had problems with his sleeping and eating, she has helped us understand him and how to treat him, setting boundaries whilst teaching us how to help him. After the Invest Package was completed, he is so much happier and progressing much faster. 

She has also been helping me with my baby and she is continuing to support me with through her Remote Package.

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Thompson Family | Derbyshire

Girls | New born & 2 year old

Sleeping Issues

Home Visit Package

Dear Gemm,

A huge thank you for all that you've done for our family. When a little baby sister came along it was a beautiful time, but unfortunately, the change was huge for our eldest daughter. You instantly changed the sleeping habit of our toddler within minutes. Magic! You gave us back the light into our life. The on-going support has also been invaluable. We'll always be grateful.
Lisa, Andy & the girls Xxx